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bulletWorks Cited Process
bulletNeed help with decoding context clues for unfamiliar vocabulary words or writing your original sentences?
bulletIf you need help revising and editing, take a look at this generic revising and editing sheet.
bulletUsing Gale's Power Search
bulletIf you want note-taking sheets and scroll down to the kind you need (books, on-line, OSLIS, etc.).
bulletWanting more variety in your sentences? Try these sentence combining strategies.
bulletIf you use too many "be" verbs in your writing, look at these strategies for eliminating "be" verbs.
bulletFor suggestions to vary sentence beginnings, check this out.
bulletNeed to know the  Literary Elements and Devices and Literary Forms?
bulletNeed help with the correct format for your paper? Check out the Waluga style guidelines.
bulletClick here for the basic outline for expository/informative and persuasive essays or speeches.
bulletHere's help with formatting your in-text citations.
bulletHere are some grammar web sites that may be useful.
bulletSome sites of interest...  (These will all take you out on the world wide web. You'll need to use the "Back" button to return to my page.)

The Write Source: MLA

grammar website


Elements of Style

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations


Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Web Search "Cheat Sheet"

Children's Literature Web Guide

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